Two Passionate Lolas: Lola Flores and Lola Beltran

Lola Flores from Spain and Lola Beltran from Mexico both had major hits while I was in Mexico in 1957. Fiery Lola Flores was best known for her emotional Pena Penita Pena. I also loved Lola Flores’ rendition of Tu Rica Boca which I gave you on April 29 by the Sonora Matancera. Dramatic Lola Beltran made famous the popular song Cucurrucucu Paloma.

Pena Penita Pena

Tu Rica Boca

Cucurrucucu Paloma

You can find the songs listed here on Lola Flores’s album, La Gran Colección De Lola Flores and Lola Beltran’s Album, Lola Beltrán En Directo Desde El Palacio De Bellas Artes De México.

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