Sara Montiel

Spanish singer and actress Sara Montiel became an international hit in the movie El Ultimo Cuple in 1957. She was a much loved mega star in the Spanish speaking movie industry during the 1950s and 1960s. The first song I give you here is El Relicario from the movie, El Ultimo Cuple. Next is Yira Yira from the 1960 movie Mi Ultimo Tango. And last is another of my favorite songs sung by the beautiful Sarita Montiel, Nostalgia.

El Relicario sung by Sara Montiel

Yira Yira sung by Sara Montiel

Nostalgia sung by Sara Montiel

You can find El Relicario on the album, Vol. 1 Sus Peliculas: El Último Cuplé Y La Violetera (1957-1958) or the other 2 songs on Lo Mejor De Sara Montiel.

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