Pouran in Iran

When I was in Iran in 1967, I learned the words to a very old poem. Goli Jaan, that was put to music and sung by Pouran. Evidently the poem was very dear to Iranian people because when I would recite a few lines of the poem, it would melt the heart of any Iranian person I was talking to. Here I give you GOLI JAAN sung by the popular Iranian singing star, Pouran.

According to Wikipedia: “The name of the singer Pouran evokes fond memories for the generation who lived in Iran during the three decades before the Islamic Revolution. Born in 1934, she started her singing career at the age of eighteen. Radio had just found its way into people’s homes, and it enjoyed the advantage of reaching millions of listeners all over the country. With its primary emphasis being on music, it became the main vehicle for singers and musicians to achieve fame and popularity. Pouran was in America visiting her children when the Revolution broke out in Iran. She stayed there many years before returning to Iran, where she faced many problems and finally died of breast cancer at the age of 56.”

GOLI JAAN sung by Pouran

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