Los Tres Caballeros

This week I would like to introduce you to Los Tres Caballeros whom I met in Mexico City in 1957. Leader of the Trio was Roberto Cantoral, who composed many hit songs. My favorite three songs written by Roberto Cantoral and sung by Los Tres Caballeros are:




The lyrics are so beautiful I wish I could translate them for you, but my poor Spanish is not sufficient to do them justice.

Roberto Cantoral also wrote the following songs:

  • “El preso número nueve”
  • “Al final”
  • “El triste”
  • “Noche no te vayas”
  • “Yo lo comprendo”
  • “Chamaca”
  • “Quijote”
  • “Soy lo prohibido”
  • “Qué mal amada estás”
  • “Me estás gustando”
  • “Un poquito de pecado”
  • “Quiero huir de mí”
  • “El crucifijo de piedra”
  • “Yo no voy a la guerra”

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