From La Cucaracha to Kalinka

While I was in Soviet Russia in 1967, I attended a concert of the Soviet Army Chorus (now known as the Red Army Choir)  at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow. When they sang Kalinka, I went wild with applause as did the rest of the audience. Followed here is a very poignant Russian song, The Birch Tree,  sung by Leonid Kharitonov and the Red Army Choir.

With a Mexican Cultural Delegation, I visited a collective farm.  At the end of the evening, the Mexican delegation sang the popular Russian song Ochi Chernye. (Dark Eyes), then our Russian hosts sang La Cucaracha, and we all joined in. Such a wonderful time! Here for you is Ochi Chernye sung by Ivan Rebroff, who could sing over four octaves from a low F to a high F, one and a quarter octaves above C.

Find Kalinka, The Birch Tree, and more hits on the Best of the Red Army Choir album.

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