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During my twelve years of travel in 130 countries, most memorable to me were the people I met, liked and even loved. I also fell in love with the beautiful music I was exposed to in those countries.

Although music and memories are often personal and intertwined, I would like to share some of my favorite songs with you. Each week, I will display links to YouTube videos where you, too, can enjoy my favorites.

So far, I have found –thanks to youtube.com — music sung by Los Tres Caballeros and Javier Solís from Mexico, Los Quatro Hermanos Silva from Chile, Sonora Matancera from Cuba, Lola Flores from Mexico, Lola Beltran from Spain, Manolo Escobar from Spain, Los Paraguayos from Paraguay, Los Churumbeles de Espana, Bidu Sayao from Brazil, Salli Terri and Laurendo Almeida, Sara Montiel famous throughout the Spanish speaking world, and the powerful voices of the Red Army Choir from Russia. I will be including music from many countries, but there are so many beautiful romantic songs recorded in the Spanish-speaking world that it is hard for me not to include so many of my favorites.

Gail Howard Su Música Favorita Alrededor del Mundo

Durante mis doce años de viajes por 130 países, lo más memorable para mí fue la gente que conocí, que me gustó e incluso que he querido. También me enamoré de su música que estaba en dichos países.

Aunque la música y los recuerdos son a menudo algo muy personal, me gustaría compartir algunas de mis canciones favoritas con ustedes.

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